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Biofuels are those fuels (solid, liquid or gasses) produced from biomass and usually are: wood, olive stone, prunings of forest products, crop residues, fruit pits.

Biofuel is considered as a renewable form of fuel with low carbon dioxide emissions when burnt over compatible fossil fuels.

Kyknos S.A. uses biofuels as its main fuel type, coming from olive stone treatment.

Considered one of the best biofuels according to research that has been conducted by the National Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) among 200 kinds of biomass.

The composition rate is approximately the same as the timber with a maximum humidity of 12%, a sulfur content of zero, and do not contain toxic compounds or heavy metals, and residues of ash is max 3%.

During past decades Kyknos S.A. achieved a production of high quality products, steadily growing number of clients with cutting edge quality and respect for people and the environment.