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Company's start

Company's founder and main shareholder, Fotis Metaxas worked for years as a manufacturer (General Contractor) in the U.S., from where he returned to his birthplace back in 1970.

Worked in the field of products for construction with the participation of 50% in the mining and earthmoving company, F. Metaxas & Co up to 1987.
Being visionary entrepreneur, he decided to establish "Kyknos S.A." in 1980, aiming in the production of lime, which was the basic product of the mining and earthmoving inductry. His initial aim focused in meeting the local community needs. Today, under the guidance of the "Kyknos S.A." has evolved into one of the largest lime producers in Greece.

Fotis Metaxas's offer to the the Corinthian sport was significant, since during his presidency the football team "Corinth F.C." played for the first time in its history in the highest category of Greece (First National: 1979-1980).


1980: Establishment of the company and build the first furnace for initial production capacity 60 tons / day, which gradually grew to 110 tons / day.
1990: Construction of the second blast furnace at a capacity of 110 tons / day.
1992: Construction of a hangar, covering 10 acres, for housing biofuel.
2000: Construction of a hydrated lime unit from the Italian firm Gim-Progecti, unique in southern Greece.
2002: Establishment of the "Metaxas S.A." aiming at wholesale building materials in order to serve the local market. Acquisition of Kyknos S.A.
2003: Approval for transport fleet renewal and growth in total 12 vehicles.
2008: Expansion of Pulp unit leading the company to have the largest Pulp unit in Greece with capacity of 10,000 m³
2010: Installation of three dedusting filters on both furnaces, eliminating all emissions.

* The company gradually acquired neighboring agricultural land (vineyards, olive groves, pomegranate trees).

Today the company permanently employs 30 people (roasters - handlers - engineers - workers – office clerks - drivers).

A large number of professionals also works as outsourcing partners, including civil engineer , environmentalist, IT and web administration, accounting office, chemical laboratory, advertising office.