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Environment and Social Responcibility

One of the primary goals of the company, since its establishment, is the continuous improvement of facilities, with respect to human, society and the environment.

Kyknos S.A. being faithful to its philosophy and in to its effort to protect the environment, still uses fuel from olive stone and other materials friendly to the environment. (see information on biofuels).

Company premises follow "approved environmental conditions" according to law 1650/86 featuring:

* Entirely full housing of machines (conveyors, grinders, etc.)
* Housing all depots, loading and unloading
* Dedusting furnace filters

* Retention dust filters at the hydrated lime units, lime grinding and wherever required
* Spraying water sprinklers throughout the plant

* Sedimentation tanks and recycling of water

* Planting coniferous trees around and within the boundaries of the plant and spaces with green within it.

Also the company as part of its social responsibility participates actively by sponsoring local cultural clubs - sports teams - environmental organizations - schools and donations of various other local events.

Photos from student’s impressions after a study visit in our facilities and participation photo in local event.